donderdag 26 februari 2015

Amateur Musicians in Kusadasi?


Facebook group
My husband and I are both enthousiastic amateur musicians. In the Netherlands we were both member of various music groups, brass bands and bands. It's fun to make music with others and even more fun when other people can enjoy it. It would be nice f we could do the same in Kusadasi... but 

I have searched the internet for music groups / bands for amateur musicians, but sofar I could not find any. 

Years ago, I've been in Kusadasi where I saw some kind of brass band in the harbor. No idea what they are called, and if you can become a member as an expat. 

I doubt there are in Turkey groups for amateur musicians as we know it in the Netherlands; every city, and even smaller villages, has one or more amateur bands. 

In Turkey  so far I only saw school bands playing in parades held in Turkish holidays and various professional bands that performed in hotels. Given the quality of it I think most have done a conservatory education in Turkey. 

Well we are pretty good amateur musicians but conservatorium level is out of reach for us. Nevertheless, we want to continue to play in Kusadasi, preferably together with other musicians. 

Today I therefore started a Facebook group for amateur musicians in Kusadasi . Perhaps we can find something through this group. Or the group can be the start of forming a group ourself; so many Europeans live in Kusadasi, probably there are also amateur musicians among them. And perhaps there are also Turkish people who would like to play in a band on a amateur level. 

No idea if something like this gets off the ground, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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